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It's the evening before the Labor Day parade and time to head over to Amnesia, which by now is a Labor Day weekend staple in Brooklyn.

After walking down a green covered walkway amongst palm trees and fronds, we entered into the large central space of the pan yard. We arrived pretty early, and the party was already in full swing. After making a stop at the bar, we found an area in front of the crowd to party and watch the goings-on.

The music was on point, with Freaks 4 Soca, Sounds for Life, Starkid and DJ Stephen. Shout out to Tony Cross and Natural Freaks, who definitely had party-goers wining down to the ground almost in spite of themselves. There was also some delicious food for sale, I had a taste of some macaroni pie that made my mouth water for more!

The fete went on at a nice pace, and then Vibesman Redman came out to announce the perfomers. Swappi and Shall Marshall definitely pleased the crowd. I can still hear people singing the words to “Nah Go Play” in my head! After 10 minutes of Back to Basics came JW and Blaze performing their 2010 “Palance” and making the crowd run from side to side. You know it's carnival time when you see JW humping the large speaker on stage. The party ended on a high note, with more dj skills from Back to Basics. Most people chose to continue the festivities across the street, but those of us playing mas/jouvert needed to go home and catch some zzs's before the big day!

One complaint- someone seriously needs to upgrade the pan yard. When the bass from the speakers causes small particles of rust to fall into your drink, there is a problem. My remedy? I eventually moved to the back of the venue, out from under the roof. Then I could dance and palance away to my hearts content with no rusty aftertaste.

The NY TJJ crew would like to say thank you to Gameface for having us at this year's Amnesia. And as always, we are looking forward to next year!

-Rasta Barbie

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>> View Amnesia 'The Evolution' Breakfast Party Gallery