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Basic Jouvert is hard evidence that West Indians CANNOT be tamed once Carnival season comes around. TheWe ventured off at the crack of dawn, to the Sherryl Princess at the Sheepshead Bay piers, and arrived to some rough waters and cold temperature! Partygoers huddled up in hoodies and sweaters as they lined up to board the vessel for another year at Basic Jouvert. One of the hottest, pre Jouvert parties in Brooklyn!

Once everyone got on board, and charged up with some breakfast, consisting of saltfish, bake, and sausage, things heated up quickly. The vibes seemed endless as the line up of DJs had people screaming their lungs out and bangin on the ceiling like mad men (*cough cough* Henry!) as tunes spun back to back. Tony of Natural Freaks hosted, Sounds 4 Life shelled down d place and Back 2 Basics teamed up with d Bandit from Toronto for MADNESS!

The question of the Carnival season, "Who taught you to wine like dat!?" Females dropped to the ground in a timely pace as they heard "Go down, go down, go down. . .Come up, come up, come up. . .". A man climbed to the roof of the boat, as he positioned himself to whine and jook the air! 
Some rhell soca aerobatics take place on this boat!

Security got a lil aggressive with the DJs for causing the boat to rock toooo much! "NO PALANCIN! NO PALANCIN!" At one point dBandit held power at his finger tips, as security watched in fear, before he mashed up the boat with Palance.

West Indian People Ent. made it truly feel like Carnival this early Sunday morning and I enjoyed it!!!! TJJ will be there again next year.

Ready for d road. . .
-Junior Juice

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>> View Basic J'Ouvert Boatride 2010 Gallery