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The Poison UK Band had one of the biggest crowds at Notting Hill Carnival 2010. The band just seemed to grow as we made the journey around the Notting Hill circuit; digesting the regular Notting Hill spectators who quickly made their minds up of which band they were going to spend Carnival 2010 with. The Poison UK family looked great with their variety of costumes and their rich T&T red theme, not to mention the flags from almost all the Caribbean islands, creating the unity carnival brings each year. We were fully charged up for the crazy fete that was about to be created by the international DJs we had on board, and they were fully locked and loaded with an arsenal of soca tunes to make yuh wuk up yuh waist!!!!

Accessibility!! Now that's a thing we need to touch on...make sure you check which tube stops are open on the day !!! Our advice to you is get there early so you not chasing the band for the day!

The vibes was right… hmmm wait… the vibes was bloody wicked mate!!! We are pretty sure (as we stated above) PoisonUK had international DJs on rotation equipped with an arsenal of soca tunes!! We had the resident (London) soca sniper who's always on his A-game - big up DJ Markee! We had Alicia - The Duchess (T&T), DJ Spice (New York), Private Ryan (Miami) and loads more, we even had the hottest UK soca artiste - Konata on board… Mad!!! Oh boi, We couldn't move a muscle...well apart from the waistline which was constantly in motion from the beautiful PoisonUK ladies, and for some reason the TriniJungleJuice men were magnets!!! At one point we were in the middle of four(4) hotties, (but hey who's complaining) and being very unselfish we actually hooked up a few lonely peeps, you know us at TJJ like everyone to have a good time… it's carnival and a wine from a sexy-lady is a must.

We don't know so much about the food cause we didn't get a chance to eat, but the drinks, well... what was in our cups didn't stay in our cups… yes, we had around three different cups, we drink till we drank and visa versa, wait… I think that's right!!! LOL ... Poison UK knows how to stack up on the liquor/juice!

Poison UK family, DJ Markee, Konata... and us at TJJ would like to give a massive shout out to all those who came to Notting Hill Carnival 2010; those who were a part of it and those who came to observe the unity created by the Carnival movement. Peace and Love… See you all next year!

- Ali Twist

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>> View PoisonUK Next Level Notting Hill 2010 Carnival Gallery
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