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There was no way we were missing this down-home shindig! It was time to break away from the ordinary, and make our way to the House Party … the Back to School edition in Diego Martin.

The place was lined with security complete with guard dogs and patrols.  Parking was comfortable, and something about the night just seemed easy. It was a short wine and chip from the car park and to the party venue, where in the distance we could hear the DJ banging out some sweet soca tunes, and we knew then that it was the start of a promising night!

As if that greeting wasn’t enough, as we entered we noticed a huge pot of corn soup where a swankily dressed woman was pouring out cups and saying ‘Wah size yuh want? Its free, Its free!’ The vibe of the night was just easy. Everything was easy-going and that’s what made people feel comfortable … comfortable enough to jump … comfortable to wine, sway, dance and even comfortable enough to ‘bruk-out’!

Cups in hand from the fully stocked and easily accessible bar allowed you to go for your drink, and take a wine as you waited for your order. Taking a quick look around we soon realized but wait nah … de party pack!! People were still milling at 1.am, and it looked like this this house party clearly ‘sell off’!

Enjoyment to the maximum as everyone was sipping their drinks and dancing away to some blazing dancehall, and some of that ‘old school dub’. This thing went until late o’ clock but by the look of it, girls and guys alike were dancing to the ground and having the time of their life, so no one was studying the time.

It was easy to have fun at House Party … finding the venue was easy, vibezing to the music was easy and not having to pay a dime for corn soup … that was easy  What a time! Everyone was decked off in their favorite outfits and all after 2pm, the party was still in high gear. All you had to hear at 3am was ‘now lewwe do some back in times’ and a big ‘Wooooo’ hailed from the crowd. Allyuh dun know what happened next ... level jam and wine!!

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>> View House Party ... Back To School Gallery