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Finally was the words of many people on the sister isle, an authentic cocktail bar & bistro, giving off that warm welcoming feeling. Cruz Cocktail Bar & Bistro was launched over 3 months ago and seems to be the new talk on the ground, also attracting many tourists from far and near.

On the weekend of the famous Great Fete, many people still came out in numbers to experience Cruz Cocktail Bar only a few steps away from the Great fete events.

The Bar is located opposite Jimmy’s mini mart, just across the street you'll find the islands new authentic cocktail bar.... a cool island style ambiance, with bamboo's, sea corals, fish net, surf boards are a few added attractions giving off that island style feeling.

The cocktails are amazing prepared by award winning bar staff offering smooth cocktails and quality service all night. The question asked frequently, Milky, sour or sweet.
Appleton VX Jamaican Rum seems to be one of the secret’s behind Cruz cocktails. The music at the bar meets an international level with  DVJ Red attracting many eye’s to all 3 large plasma screens and bumping to the music videos.

Again Trini Jungle Juice was there to capture the nights events and would be back soon to taste a cocktail named after us! Jungle Juice, told by bar owner and manager Tele Cruz.

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>> View Cruz Cocktail Bar & Bristo Gallery