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The crowd was buzzin'..Cooler Cruise! So once d' coolers got on board, drinks start ah flowin'! Yuh know how we Trinis do…
You know how TJJ like mingling with the ladies, so it was a good thing there wasn't more man than woman.Is then we woulda have a problem... But my,my,my were the females an eyeful. Who say get on bad??

The Treasure Queen, certainly not a new thing to the public of Trinidad, is a boat consisting of three levels. A top choice these days for some bess cooler cruises!
It was boarded at Pier 2, which is not hard to find..It right after Pier 1!
Boom..There was plenty space on board. Just about right for the size of the crowd that came to party out at sea.

Pure vibes! Niceness! Music was on point. The DJs pull out big tune after big tune, with the occasional "wheeeeeeellll!!!"
The only thing dat spoil d vibe at a point was when some delinquents start rate up scene.
Oh gorm fellas! D' ladies does get horny when they consuming alcohol, so why allyuh fighting man?! Fix up. One Love people, one love.
But apart from the lil incidents, the party was bess. Mr. Agostini, we want more Experience!

On board the Treasure Queen there was food available for the party goers to nyam. Burgers, chicken, fries, hotdog..dem ting so..
Coolers were filled with nuff alco! There were also a couple beer bongs and jagerbombs available for the people to indulge..

The good music,the bless vibe,the sweet girls, definitely made it worth it!
Lookin' forward to ah nex' Aquaholic Experience nex' year!

Nuttin' but d' best..we keepin' it Phresh!

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>> View Experience Aquaholic Gallery