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We have heard so many wonderful and magical things about this Island and what can we say ... we were not disappointed ... we came ... we saw ... we did not conquor ... but lovely jubbly, we will be coming back next year definitely armed and ready to conquor!!! Taking the weekend and we escape from the concrete jungle we live in and after the last minute planning we finally arrived. Upon arriving in Ibiza the first thing that comes to mind is PARTTTTTTTTTTYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! What can you expect? The interior designs of the Airport are huge ten (10) plus posters of all the various clubs and what special nights they are regular having ...  This is an Island that between the months of May to September definitely DOES NOT SLEEP! BOOM!

Now fully recovered from Notting Hill Carnival, TJJ UK aka Posh and Scorn touchdown in Ibiza for a quick weekend of nonstop fun... we have some idea of what to expect... or so we thought!!!

The Island itself is tiny so if you are thinking of planning a trip you will be able to get around easily and explore the cultural side of the Island.  Just two (2) hours flight from London also means a weekend trip (or several throughout the summer) is easy to pull off! First night we pull up to our apartment, ideally located directly opposite 'Space' the world famous club that never seems to close its doors! Sweet!! Just a quick walk down the street tells us that if it's party you want you have come to the right place!!! It seemed only right that on the first night we set off across the road to take in Space and see why this place has been going strong for so over 20 years. Walking into Space.... WOW!!! Podium dancers scattered around, a huge dance floor with the DJ up on a pedestal (literally) and places for you to party, chill, talk, drink... you name it, Space has it!!! Clubs in Ibiza are pretty expensive to get into...you are talking most nights will range from 20 - 60 Euros on average and Space is no exception. Let’s not get into the drinks prices!!!! Wow...yes you will soon realise why they are able to offer so many free passes every night!!! However, take a quick walk around, check out a few bars and you are bound to find 'club promoters' offering free and discounted tickets for virtually anywhere. Some hotels even give out free tickets to their guests... yes that's right, EVERYONE is promoting the party scene... from when you get your baggage in the airport to the taxis and of course EVERY pub, bar and restaurant !!!! This is the undisputed party capital of the world!!!

Our advice to the Ladies is keep it casual, there is no real dress code (but yet everyone looks HOT) and if you are going to party until well after sunrise the next day you will want your flats and minimal clothes! Other clubs to check out definitely include Pacha, Privilege and Amnesia... and don't worry about finding out what and where as just step outside your hotel and someone will point you in the right direction!!!

Right so WOW...Space was the bomb but don't take your camera as they WILL take it off you at the door and charge you 3 Euros to put it away!!! After Space we wonder if the other events will be able to give us that wow factor from Night Numero Uno!

We soon learn that an absolute must when you have peeled yourself out of bed sometime in the afternoon is to head down to Bora Bora beach party at Play D'en Bossa on the East Coast. This happens EVERYDAY so squeeze it in when you can but TRUST US you will want to keep coming back!!! So after a quick scenic tour of the Island (yes don't be fooled it's also nicknamed La Isla Blanca for its beauty) it’s off to Bora Bora for some beach vibes!!! Now if clubs are not your scene but you love your house music and the sunshine vibes then DO NOT we repeat DO NOT ever miss this place!!! Starting at 4pm you will find the beach party jamming from the back of Jet apartments with an open bar straight on the beach. Bora Bora is probably the coolest beach scene in the world…and it is 100% FREE!

On first impressions it looks like any other bar but boy oh boy...just wait for a plane to fly overhead and the sun to go down and you will be in VIBES HEAVEN!!! There are no words to describe just how much fun this place is but here are some of the highlights.... babes in bikinis dancing on tables(yes Scorn was drooling!!!), the largest selection of Abs, biceps and Pecs packed  into one place (yep Posh was drooling too!!!), funky people with jugs of sangria dancing all around, people jumping on beds on the beach and falling in the sand! Before you know it you are upside down trying to wine to house music with ‘wonder woman’ in a thong right next to you!!!! This is not for posers and this is definitely not a SOCIAL vibe... nobody is standing or talking, the only time you stop is to get more drinks!!!! Fab music, awesome views and the sea is just a stone’s throw away for when it all gets too much! Party until the sun goes down and party until it’s sunrise again, keep the sangria on tap and then dance dance dance until you fall down!!! The terrace might close at midnight but don’t be fooled that the party stops...and with Space just a 100 m away you can guess what happens next!!

Needles to say TJJ came back and back and back again... Bora Bora was definitely the place to be!

Ibiza until 2011 ..¡está loco!!!...WE LOVE YOU!!

Posh Juice

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