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As the dates counted down to the 24th September which is when Trinidad & Tobago would celebrate being a Republic, I know people could not browse through any radio station without hearing the ad or an announcer mentioning the event that would be taking place the night before; No Draws & Water: The Breakfast Edition. Now this event has been around a while, but I've gotten the chance to really experience it, so after my first No Draws experience, here's my review.

Now first off, must give props to the advertising committee. Great job in letting the public be aware of y'all event. I arrived around quarter past 12 a.m that morning. Now I know it's Pier 1 so I expected to rammed out car parks, women in bikinis everywhere I looked, and crowds of people harassing outside scalpers for a last minute ticket........none of the above. Hate to burst y'all bubble promoters, but the whole under 17 FIFA women's team competitors could've come, and the space would've still be recognizable. Sorrrry. Anyway, parking was a breeze, and entering was no hassle as well.

Now to the event. As I stood near the bar, I started pondering, "What went wrong?" I mean, the timing was perfect, night before the holiday events of this calibre MOST of the times sell off, but this one never left the shelf. Now there was another No Draws event last month which I would like to believe sold off, but I can only go by what I saw ... and what I saw was a post office.

Don't get me wrong, the vibes was there, with the DJ's throwing out all the tunes in their roster, and the occasional group of sexy women passing in their bikinis, but like I said....strength in numbers. There just wasn't enough in attendance to really get the party started. Hey, even my uncle (not really) Anil Roberts was in attendance. Wait...before you people start to get on on "Oh he shouldn't be at those kind of parties." To his defence, at the end of the day, he is still a human being, as well as a Trinbagonian with a social life. So bleeeh!

To those females who were in attendance, sorry that you all did not get any $3000 for either your sexy tats, or piercings...it was good eye candy though. So ladies just keep looking good. I guess we all must recognize that in this business, disappointments happens. To all promoters, staff and committee members, sorry, better luck next time. There will be a next time I am sure ...

Finally, I Must say thanks for having us and we will be in the next event !!!

Salt N' Pepper

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>> View No Draws & Water: The Breakfast Edition Gallery