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Generation X promotions  presented "Cocktails" for their 2010 Band Launch at Mahi Temple in Miami Florida.  Many of the Generation X masqueraders, supporters and sponsors came out to see first hand  the eloquent costumes that Generation X designers created.  This year all the sections consist of section leader, front line and backline. 

As you enter the venue, there were mannequins of past costumes and head pieces, it reminded me of getting into Piarco airport in Trinidad, which brings that warm fuzzy feeling of home.  

Eternal Vibes and Dorenzo was raw, bringing Soca music to another level.  They were spectacular in maintaining the vibes.  You couldn't help yourself but move your body to the rhythmic melodies.

You done know a bar is well stocked when there is coconut water, so Johnny was calling my name.  I did indulge in the bake and shark which was delicious, ah hungry now just thinking about it I go have to make a turn an get some now.

Great band launch, costumes was fabulous, music was sweet, people was nice, drinks was flowing, and food was on point.  What more could you ask for.

P.S.I. Juice         

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>> View Generation X 2010 Band Launch "Cocktails" Gallery