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Somehow anniversary celebrations always (ok, most times) are crazy fun parties. It's always a good feeling knowing that you have survived another year. Victory, letting the world know you're still here, whether it was a good or bad year; "I'm still here!" Tonight me and my Herbalize-it crew are in Nurenberg, Germany to celebrate with a wicked soundsystem and our good friends, Mango Tree Sound. Higher Level Sound and the notorious Ronny Trettmann are also present to ensure that the entertainment for the night is ridiculously sick!

Having taken some time out (missing notting hill carnival) to re-cover from a nagging hand injury, i was itching for a good party and I tell you, this dance was just what the doctor recommended. Great service, food and top of the shelf drinks all night long provided by really gracious hosts made the night spectacular. The crowd and vibe were unbelievable. They came to party in the right spirits, educated in new music and loving the old styles. This was the kind of public every selector dreams to play for! I wish all my crowds were this educated and open, but then again where would the challenge be? Same way, Nurenberg massive larger than large! Big up the girls who asked me for Go Dung from Lil Rick, that one really surprised me!

Large up all the soundsytems for running the tunes the people wanted to hear. Its safe to say everybody in that place left the venue wet from dancing. Really! Big up, Tim, Munchy and the whole Mango Tree family for everything and once again throwing a magnificent party. Youtube Ronny Trettmann dude check out his styles even if you don't understand German. This dude and his crew are mad men, literally "Throwin'  Water" on haters. Big Up Captain Bucket Head wey-ever yup dey!

Nuff Love

D-One TJJ Holland

Jammasters & Herbalize-it Crew

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>> View Mango Tree 10th Year Anniversary Gallery