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Talk around town about this party is that every year its one of the biggest urban parties in this city and that means the youths come out in all their glory to literally get wasted until they pass out and break the house down! All in the name of having a good time ofcourse! So, as the headliner DJ for this event, I was very very skeptical about this one. Youths and irresponsible drinking is something I don't condone, how strange is that coming from a dj?!!!

But on this night there would be no morality issues staring me in the face. Oh no sir-reee! When I arrived at the club Joko was on the decks killin the place. Sick dj this dude! The venue looked hot. Huge! Nicely lighted, podium well placed well away from the screaming, ranting, jumping, hordes of dancing teenagers that were giving nuff love to the dj. Very Inviting crowd to spin for. There was a nice mix of people at this one. The more mature folks filled VIP area or just kinda floated around on the outskirts soaking up the vibes from a safe distance. Some people were dressed well and some not at all. Some girls looked HOT and some not at all. It was not a pretty people night, but we found enough survival material to keep ourselves happy! :-) Seriously, the vibe never slumped. Drinks were flowing, served by cute ladies and the heat kept building. This night was pure hands down fun. I enjoyed it from start to after-party. 

Big up Tobi, for a crazy night. This dude crosses all the t's and should be an example for promoters. Cheer big ears!

Hate it or love it, TJJ gonna take you where no other can!

Nuff Love

D-One TJJ Holland

Jammasters & Herbalizeit Crew

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>> View Kamp Disco Miezen Gallery