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Large Crowd with a filled venue. Party Goers dressed to impress decked out in their black and white attire! A few of the celebs were performers: Skinny Fabulous, HP, Problem Child & Iwer George.

Solare Gardens in Doral, Florida - Huge Venue, Filled to Compacity. Layout was nice, clean (at the beginning of the night), had few places to sit but everyone had rather been on their toes and dancing! Although the venue was rammed, it wasn't too hot!

What person goes to a fete on time?! At Black & White, the venue sets a stage for a big event. When I had arrived, there were a few groups scattered here and there so I took them time and walked around chatting with the different people working the event. The chef prepping Roti, the ladies serving food and the bar tenders ready for some real business!

The outside venue was set, clean and ready for an all night fete! Stone paths lead the way to the different sections of the premises, not to forget the islandy feel it had with sand ground amongst the stone. There were two good size areas to this location: The Stage was set in the back corner of the first section area of the place, leveled up for elevation for their DJs and evening performers along with cabanas, a band and lots of room for dancing! Continuing to the second area is a bar connecting the two. On the other side were seats for people resting their feet and liming. But the biggest reason for this area was the delicious food!

Not more than an hour later, Solare Gardens was rammed with more and more people arriving in big groups by the minute! Bar tenders running about taking orders and gathering drinks (you know they stayed busy all night with their free drinks!) Lines drawn for the $6 meal with your available options of Bess Bake Coconut & Shark, Bake Coconut & Saltfish, or Corn Soup.

The energy was real vibes, DJs were mixin' Soca music and di crowd was hype and havin a great time! DJ's Dorenzo, Back to Basics, Crown Prince, Sound Rev and Anonymous were in the building along with special guest performances by Problem Child, Skinny Fabulous, HP & Iwer George. These guys not only put on a good show but hyped the venue from front to back! The place was over capacity and vibsen so that the city of Doral Police had to tell the party to turn off the music and go home! Funny nuff, everyone kept getting drinks and then started limen, NO ONE WAS LEAVING!!! It took more than an hour after we were supposed to be shut down for people to leave. People hadn't had nuff because the parking lot was full of cars blastin Soca & Dancehall music as they were ridin' out!

For $50 to get into Black & White Fantasy it was def worth it! You can't go wrong with free drinks all night, sexy people, great atmosphere, great music, great performances and not to mention... a hyped, smiling crowd having fun!

Fresh Food was made andserved with delicious Roti available! Drinks were all inclusive with entry, food was $6 for a meal with your available options of Bake Coconut & Shark, Bake Coconut & Saltfish, or Corn Soup.

Happy with the venue, level of service and the turnout!!

-Coop for the TJJ fam

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>> View Black & White Fantasy Gallery
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