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Black gold … quite a catchy name for a party, but that it was not! Yes people, once again TJJ returned to the likes of Soft Box Studios for the hosting of Kwynn Johnson’s sixth solo art exhibition themed “black gold …playing with oil”.

Upon arrival things seemed quiet and calm on the outside, but to our surprise the place was bubbling with activity once inside. Art enthuses, friends, media and well wishers alike had the place busy with activity, as they attempted to enlightened themselves on tonight’s feature.

Going into a little more detail and also quoting from Monique Johnson, BSc. Geology, we learnt that the body of work for the exhibition was done in the year 2010, and was a compilation of 26 oils on cedar boards with 23K gold leaf, 2 short films, and the installation of 200 Cedar seedlings.

According to Monique, “Black Gold seeks to comment on, inform and perhaps transform perceptions of an oil dependant economy to which the artist exist in. Kwynn's work instigates a painted commentary using the colour 'Black' to garner 'Gold.' Kwynn’s articulation is a creative use of the visual language to present cutting-edge commentary with vivid images of the physical and economical strength of the oil industry.”

This exhibition once again shows not only Kwynn’s talent and creativity as an artist, but also how art can be used as a window or medium for one to express issues of any nature. Tonight’s exhibition Black Gold is just one example showing how art can be used to illustrate the link between petroleum industry and the effects it has on the world in relation to man, the economy and the environment as a whole. Some serious food for thought if you come to think about it! Well trying to do our part in protecting the environment, we departed with 2 Cedar seedlings in hand!!!

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>> View Black Gold ... Playing With Oil Gallery