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***The Best Four Hours Of My Miami Carnival 2010 Experience***
Miami Carnival has been well known for the beautiful people, the superb atmosphere and even just the extravagance of being in Miami, but I am telling you that it’s now known for yacht parties; and not just any old yacht party … oh no, we’re talking about Luxe Life Yacht Party!! Miami Carnival Saturday, in the afternoon, on a sleek & stylish yacht, with finger foods, PREMIUM alcohol, and beautiful people … "the best four hours any human could ever experience" in my opinion.
I want you to open your imagination, and get those creative imaginative and fantasy juices flowing while reading this review …

Picture a sunny afternoon - it is 2:00 pm ... Women you are in glamorous attire or even something just comfortable but fashionable, eye popping and absolutely stunning ... something that shows off your curves and womanly features. Guys, you are rocking something semi casual, something that exemplifies the muscles or just your most adorable body part (that you think the women want to see). That's right ... no one was shabbily dressed at all ... Luxurious!!! Now Dre (The Carnival Ref) myself (Scorn Juice) were not complaining at all, the ratio as I worked it out to be was probably around seven (7) women to one (1) man. We met some friends of TJJ on the jetty who told us they now figured out why the event received a high TJJ SCORE last year, and it was because of that ratio ... so I guess yes, from a woman's point of view you would have a troubled time ... but then again ... that never stops people from having fun because I saw men dancing by themselves!!
As TJJ learnt last year, look for free parking on the streets around the Sea Isle Marina OR you could hassle-free secured parking across from the marina in the car park for around $10. And why not? You do not want to have four hours of bliss and excitement to be dampened by a parking ticket, stolen vehicle or your car being broken into by a "no-gooder"!

Now you are on a boat ... not just any regular shabby boat, it is a yacht! Based on two levels, with the bar upstairs and all the finger food downstairs, spacious clean toilets and an outside sitting area both in the front end, the upstairs and downstairs back ends ... what more can you ask for? There was ample space for you to plant your two feet and wine until you cannot wine anymore; ample room to walk around mingle and mix up!!! Furthermore, when you cannot take the standing anymore, you could go downstairs and breeze out on the soft chairs and eat finger food and fruit and enjoy the ride on the ocean!
The absolute high point and ultra powerhouse on this boat was the DJ, yes that is right, that man had all the power ... not the captain, not Social Esquire ... but DJ Top Feelin ... "my youth, you gwaan baaaad!!" Spinning all the hits from Soca, Dancehall, Dutty Reggae, RnB, Hip Hop, Miami Bass ... even the parlour skettel dub was played ... DJ alone gots ‘10 out of 10’ ... for his innovative playing, his skills with scratching the vinyls, as well as listening to the crowd (well myself) when asked to wheel and pull up any tune that deserves a wheel and pull up! Once you see women in what we in the Caribbean call their "Sunday Best" and these women doing the ‘dutty wine’ and flinging their well made up hair all over the place it is a sign of a good afternoon! How can I forget couples who are just enjoying the moments, sharing random kisses, or even taking a squeeze up while dancing to that "rock me so" tune. A special announcment MUST be made to the wonderful tall lady who at one point in time held her ankles shook her hair out and my god jolly bubbly fuzzy bubbly only her hips and backside was moving on her dance partner ... shock value treatment was needed ... how can I forget the "pull hair and wine session" ... jah ... if he pulling her hair when he dancing with her ... I do not want to imagine what transpires in the bedroom … bbahahahahahah!

The infamous prop on the boat is that special silver bell, and oh yes, TJJ party starter must ring the bell in time with the most played song for 2010 …. One, Ring, Two, Ring, Three, Ring, Four, Ring ... PALANCE!!!!!!!!!!!! You could always tell a sign of a splendid afternoon when the rooftop of the yacht is being struck with excitement and jubilation expressing the fact that the DJ is playing a BIG CHUNE!!!! .... "Me No Wah No Boring …. Gyal Ride Pon De ... Like A Bicycle" .... Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel!!!!! Believe me when I tell you, there was a party in session on this boat! It’s one of those times when I say the vibes were disgusting and that negative word has so much positive and seductive power you would not believe it unless you were on that yacht! I swear to God even the staff on the boat were in the dance session and well they must get a ‘pelt waist session’ or what I like to call ‘a drive bye wine’ ... Ba-Dam-Pam-Ching!!!

Did I mention that drinks were flowing from start to end? People! Stop! Take a minute! Stop being angry you missed out! Actually ... get vex again ... LOL ... this bar was serving up the best of alcohol! The bar did not stop! The bar was loaded! You could have asked for anything that they were offering! They were mixing any and everything!! However you like your fire water you will be drinking your fire water!! Kudos to the three (3) bartenders - they were definitely on point! Lets also mention, *ahem* Miss Rochelle ... with her Poison! Well yes, anytime you see a promoter of an event walking around with cups and a bottle of tequila, and not any ordinary tequila, 901 Tequila baby ... you have to be wary but always know it is going to be GREAT FUN!!!!! It just hits the spot and sends you crazy! Ro was not letting anybody get away! I am certainly positive that she got nearly everyone on that boat to gubble gubble down not even a shot, but more like a triple shot ... cause her hand heavy when pouring! Dre… I tried to warn you! HAHAHA!

I really do not know what else to say ... sometimes words just do not describe how extremely exciting extravagant and exuberant an event really was ... not even pictures paint pictures sometimes.  You know what does? Your own two damn eye! LOL. So if you were not here ... HARD LUCK! You miss out! It was absolutely worth the benjamins and it was definitely worth waking up early on the saturday after all the partying from the Wednesday to the Friday! I am never missing it I swear!

Rochelle, Danielle & Jamila ... you ladies are stunners ... keep up the work! And remember; keep it small, sexy and intimate … it will always be successful!

Sorry to let the cat out of the bag…

Scorn Juice
... peek-ah-boo .... I See You

PS. Still friggin' suffering from Luxe Life Yacht Party Withdrawal Symptoms!

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