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Shorblu Events together with OHPsalms really brought "The Sexiest" crowd here at The Clevlander rooftop on Miami Beach.  Now this crowd was mature, sexy, sophisticated and mischievious.  All the females came out looking fabulous and the men were also dressed to perfection. 

The Clevlander Hotel is one of South Beach attraction.  This hotel is overlocking Ocean Drive as well as the Ocean.  The fete was on the illustrious rooftoop and during the October month the weather is quite cool and breezy.  Perfect location for this high caliber event. 

Dont mind the females were wearing stiletto heels, but that didn't stop them from going down low, to the sweet sound of soca music.  What skills ladies!?!?! Walking into this event, social crowd comes to mind, however, the crowd was jaming, dancing, singing, chanting, palancing and enjoying themselves.   

The drinks were flowing beautifully until you went home and got back to reality and firgured out you spend $10 each for a Hieneken.  Bwoy, stueps, South Beach prices! 

The staff was very hospitable in accomadating guests.  Some people reserved Cabana beds which for a large group would be a better bang for your buck, especially where drinks are concerned.  Yes people, you can lay on these Cabana beds under the moonlight and stars, if you wanted that type of atmosphere.   

Advance tickets cost $30 and $40 at the door which was fairly reasonable for a Miami Carnival event, especially on SoBe.

Shout outs to Back to Basic, The Silent Assasin Sounds 4 Life and The Trendsetting System Lord Intl. for keeping the vibe alive until sun up.

-P.S.I. (Party Scene Investigations)

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>> View Miami Vice 2010 Gallery
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