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The children looked absolutely lovely in their vibrant colored costumes.  So glad that the Miami Carnival Committee did deliver kiddies carnival this year. It is so important for our children to participate and carry on our Carnival culture.  

The venue was large enough to accommodate the mas bands.  The children were able to jump, wave, dance and prance on the track and field.  So did some parents, who were able to jump up with there children.   

The little dancing moco jumbie was so adorable, he even recited a poem.  The little tassa drummers were also very entertaining .  Glad to see how much talent our Caribbean children have. 

Up to now I ain't even see the bar or where the food was.  I was so busy trying to capture the pure essence of Kiddies Carnival.  I felt life a child too, trying to explore and take in every aspect of it.  

The event turned out beautifully, it was apparent that the children really enjoyed themselves.  

FREE! So there were no excuses not to attend.   Its important! We have to show support for our children.  

All the mas bands presented beautifully, Heritage did an amazing job with the large costume designs as well as China. The City of Miami Gardens really came through and supported Miami Carnival this year. See all yuh next year for sure.

-P.S.I. (Party Scene Investigations)

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>> View Miami Kiddies Carnival 2010 Gallery
>> View Miami 2010 Carnival Coverage