Think.... TnT Carnival 2010 Soca Monarch Kings ... Road March Champs ... and undoubtedly the most popular Soca song for 2k10 ... what comes to mind?  Yes, 'PALANCE'! Well, we got the 'Palance Kings', Jason "JW" Williams and Ancil "Blaze" Isaac Jr. on the hot seat for our very special 5 Minutes With ...

Mizz Kayz: Okay, so first and foremost what is your definition of 'Palance'?
JW: In jubilation, having ah time, partying ….. hard, yuh know, wining…. jus palance is really what you want it to be eh but, the basis of it is happiness, enjoying yuhself, good times.
Blaze: Palance means to smile, is to have ah time, is to wine, is to jus be yuhself. Palance is really to enjoy yuhself .. that is the definition.
Mizz Kayz: Like yuhself?
Blaze: Yeah, ah talking about real like yuhself. If yuh went to de club and yuh real like yuhself, yuh palance!

Mizz Kayz: What's up with Cookie Monster and this Gorilla in the video (see Palance music video)?
Blaze: Hmm, well ….. that was just an effort Jay and I, as everybody know we do the morning show and we really outta de box in terms of our morning show, and Jay really dealt with the video in terms of, to conceptualized the video and it was just to bring in characters that people would not even say, "Well wait nuh.. what they doing here??!!" and that in itself is an interest.
Mizz Kayz: Yeah cause I saw a castle and I was like wait nah...
Blaze: Yeah, ah bouncy castle in an office, eh Jay?
JW: Of course because we wanted it to be wholesome most importantly, we wanted it to be children friendly and we wanted it to be able to relate to our personalities and what we try to push ... which is comedy, fun times, nothing too sexy cause we ain't really pushing sexy man kinda vibes. Yuh would not really see us in ah video soon with no jersey button down with no breeze blowing and Speedos .. we chest all greased down... ya know (chuckling in background)
Blaze: Stand up in front ah fridge

Mizz Kayz: Did you guys think this song would be at the level it is at?
Blaze: Well, honestly we know it was a good song, we knew that we would have been in all the fetes and so on but to say that we would have known we would have won Road March by that margin and made history, in terms of the most plays ever, and also win the Soca Monarch by that amount of points… honestly no, no.
JW: Yeah, we went into the studio in November with the intention of just doing a good song, which we always try to do. We had a gut feeling de song would have gone places cause we knew it was ah good song but in terms of the full scope of the titles ... nah, we didn't expect that one. But yuh know we gonna ride the wave and we gonna make it happen.
Mizz Kayz: Yeah, jus continue the flow
JW: Yeah

Mizz Kayz: Now they say rain not falling anywhere in the Caribbean, now hypothetically if you all had to do three (3) rain dances to make rain fall, what would be the three (3) dances you would each do?
Blaze: Ammm three dances boy ...
JW: Well, do de palance!
Blaze: Yeah de palance will have to be 1, 2 and 3 boy (laughter) because palance is all that there is right now, in terms of Soca
Mizz Kayz: That would make the rain fall .. that would make the sun hot!!
Blaze: Dat is it, Dat is it! It doh really have anything else really, yuh know.

Mizz Kayz: What's something your fans don't know about you?
Blaze: Ahh, something that people may not know about is that I am a very homie person, I like to be home... I like to stay home
Mizz Kayz: Really?
Blaze: I really do. I really like to spend time home and yuh know that kinda thing
Mizz Kayz: Not like the going out and constantly on the road kinda ting?
Blaze: And unfortunately (or fortunately) the job that we do calls for that so … ah have to be out but ah rather just stay home and chill.
Mizz Kayz: Ohh that's interesting.
Blaze: Yeah, I'm a real home guy! Jay went outside apparantely!! (laughs)
Mizz Kayz: Jason, something that nobody knows?
JW: That I am very quiet and laid back yuh know. I think I totally transform when I go on stage because generally I am very laid back. Amm I have been hosting shows, have been around the entertainment field in my capacity as a DJ and MC for so many years that I know exactly what patrons want. I have been able to stand up on stage and get the best seat, observe some of the very best performing in all genres of music, watch the reaction of the crowd so I actually I have a wild side in me too that's how it does come out on stage but generally when I come off stage I'm very laid back. Also I love, love sports.
Mizz Kayz: What do you play and you are good at?
JW: I'm good at Soccer actually, amm pretty good. I am a striker; I'm very quick, very fast and amm
Mizz Kayz: So next time I come Trinidad I'm bringing my cleats!!
JW: Yeah Yeah, we could do something, we could do something.

Mizz Kayz: What did you want to be when you were little? What did you want to grow up to be?
Blaze: I wanted to be ah pilot, I actually was heading to flying school in Miami. Plans change, daz when ah was about fifteen. Then ah wanted to be an accountant ... started to be an accountant went in to do ACCA everything and then plans change and ah went to do broadcasting ah always really wanted to be a radio announcer ... but they were so knda far fetched nah. And I'm living my dream right now!
Mizz Kayz: Exactly
Blaze: Like beyond.. like Soca Monarch King, like Road March King ... so aye!

JW: I wanted to actually get into entertainment or be a professional athlete.
Mizz Kayz: Okay, so you actually fulfilled half of your dream?
JW: Yeah because indeed what I am doing is really the fulfillment of a passion and a dream. I totally love what I do ... ah doh really think of it as a job . It really like it's a calling.
Mizz Kayz: That is the awesome part of the whole thing you are just doing it and is like you love doing it...
JW: Yeah, yeah definitely!

Mizz Kayz: What's one thing you cannot travel without?
Blaze: Ah cyar travel without meh iPod, I can't travel without listening to music.
JW: It would have to be my headphones because I like to listen to a lot of music when I travel.

Mizz Kayz: And what are you listening to on your iPod right now?
Blaze: I listen to like real old soca, like the old ones, like Superblue and Kitch
Mizz Kayz: and Shadow and thing...
Blaze: Yeah I listen to I like vintage stuff, I'm a really vintage guy. My mum always told me I am somebody from the 70s or 60s that is back because I love old shows ... I like old music.
Mizz Kayz: The old music is where it's at, that is where the real music came from
Blaze: Yeah, in terms of the style, I like retro clothes ... everything retro!
JW: I'm listening to a lot of ole school actually, I'm taking in Stevie Wonder's Ultimate collection, amm I am doing some Jah Cure and some Sparrow, actually some David Rudder. Yeah, I like oldies, I love oldies!! Especially after a party back home in Trinidad, when I finish going ah fete, I actually tune into my Anita Baker CD ... I just try to zone out nah
Mizz Kayz: Yeah, yeah tired of that whole fete, fete, and fete...
JW: A little R&B, a little slows to just kinda calm my whole vibes down...
Mizz Kayz: That is like me when ah driving home, I don't like to hear the pound, pound, pound ... I just want slow vibes.
JW: Yeah me too, me too.

Mizz Kayz: What's your favorite memory of Carnival?
Blaze: Favorite memory of Carnival was when the Soca Monarch results were announced.
Mizz Kayz: And then you all went and mash it up at Girl Power!
Blaze: Yeah, that was meh favorite memory boy!!
Mizz Kayz: Jay, what's your favorite memory of Trinidad Carnival for this year 2010?
JW: It will have to be Carnival Tuesday on de truck with TRIBE, watching as far as the eye can see, masqueraders moving in unison left to right with the palance. I think that was tremendous because like every truck and every masquerader as far as I could see was moving, it was like if it was choreographed.
Mizz Kayz: Oh my gosh.
JW: It was like amazing. I felt so fulfilled and so so pleased.

Mizz Kayz: What do you think of Beyonce doing de palance?
Blaze: I think it's outta dis world because there was a little rumor .. AJ (formerly of BET) came to us and he says yuh know guys X,Y,Z ah want to get de MP3 track. We say alright, cool. Ah say Jason doh get too excited cause I mean is Beyonce eh! These people have a set program and they work with ah set program, and honestly when we heard de rhythm started and she was singing on it and when we heard "jump up jump up, jump n" we went crazy dread. It was like wait ... Beyonce' jus sing palance boy??!! She is the biggest performer in de world. She is de biggest thing in de world and she sang our song. Wow, JW and Blaze song ... nah boy! We still flabbergasted, and then after that in de club she came down when she heard it an dance de palance in Club Zen
Mizz Kayz: In Zen? Oh Wow ...
Blaze: And it had security all around her... and after palance finish she went back upstairs. She love Palance boy!
Mizz Kayz: Jason, what did you think of Beyonce doing the palance ... coming on stage and "jump up ... jump up"?
JW: Well let me tell you de truth ... my heart jump out my chest!! I could not believe it. I was in de crowd and I was watching her and then de rhythm went on and I was like OK cool and when she actually started to do it, I was just overwhelmed boy. I think it was really just a unique and beautiful moment.
Mizz Kayz: The biggest female artiste in the world and she singing your song...
JW: And it goes to show too she does her homework, she is ah true professional because she came and obviously she does not really know of probably too much about Trinidad and she did her homework and she did it and it was well received.
Mizz Kayz: Exactly gonna be a memory unfold for you all and her.

Mizz Kayz: You ever get tired of Palancing or Palancing would be lifelong?
Blaze: Lifelong, lifelong!! Cyar get tired of palanicng boy!
Mizz Kayz: It's jus the newness, all of the happiness, de vibes...
Blaze: Yeah. It's just our enjoyment and we enjoy ourselves on stage and when we enjoy ourselves and we see de people enjoying themselves, there is no greater feeling.
Mizz Kayz: It's true ... real fun
Blaze: Reaaaal fun! Yeah tonight was ah palance!
Mizz Kayz: Jay?
JW: Amm, no!! Yuh know because ah feel every time we perform de song de audience, even though is the same reaction in terms of the enthusiasm and the forward, I think is just to see that energy and to see how people get on and it gives me a real joy and I mean probably 50 years from now probably then I may not be able to jump as high (laughs) ... I doh know. But as it is right now, it is a beautiful wave and just like how people who surf look for that wave and when they get that wave they ride it, we going an ride dat wave!
Mizz Kayz: As far as you could take it!
JW: Yeah

Thanks fellas ... long live the P-A-L-A-N-C-E!