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4Kings has a special trick to get all the sweetest girls. And the fact that it was a costume party meant that girls could dress as slutty as possible and it would be alright. Crowd was perfect in size, not too crowded ad definitely not dead.

St. John's is usually the best place for cooler parties. I reached early and am able to say the place was well put together. The only thing is that there could have been a little more Halloween decorations and a bigger VIP area. Usually entrance is a problem but their new system seemed to keep things flowing easily.

ATTENTION! Private Ryan destroyed the place. With a lineup like DJ Private Ryan, DJ 4Play, Dj Marcus, Dj Dominic and DJ Jono, the crowd was non-stop action. Bumcee for so!

Bring your own booze. Cooler party, so walk with your drinks and enjoy yourself. VIP had a bar that had free drink but that wasn't really "stocked". The party advertised free doubles and gyros but I can't recall seeing anyone eating, guess they were having too much fun.

I think everyone can say that it was worth the cost, whether they paid $100 or $150.

Thanks to David McCartney and the 4Kings crew for their co-operation and keep them coming!

-Christoph S.

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