>> View Capleton LIVE At Revolution Gallery

Small crowd for an event such as Capleton! There seemed to be more celebs than spectators.

Good size Location which is easily accessible with parking right in front.

For 25$ USD you get to hear some of the best DJ’s in South Florida such as Jah Stream, Shadow Fire, Barrie Hype, Walshy Fire and Fergie & Springer. Not to forget who you came for, with LIVE and energetic  performances  by the likings of  Jah Prophecy Band, with the opening acts of Kulcha Knox, Romaine Virgo, and Munga. Then followed then Fya man himself, Capleton. All the artists put on a hype show and kept the crowd on their feet from the moment they walked out onto the stage. Capleton’s performance wasn’t anything short of exciting and animated! Bouncing from one end of the stage to the next the crowd wanted more!

Drinks they had a wide selection of but the only food served was Hamburger and Hot Dogs! What do the Ital people eat here?

25$ USD and it was worth every penny. The people of South Florida don't know what they missed out on!

Thanks to Jazzy T of Renaissance, I was able to get backstage and get my own photo with Capleton! Big Up!


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>> View Capleton LIVE At Revolution Gallery