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As always expected the party goers came well prepared to jam and get on bad to de soca music. Some dressed comfortably in their shorts and sneakers like they ready to make mass on the dance floor, while others rocked out in style. Of course Rupee had the ladies going crazy with him dressed in all black and rocking a pair of Carrera sunglasses. Later on in the night, JW & Blaze light up de place and had the crowd going wild with their performance of Palance!

Since the extended part of the club was not open that night the crowd flowed in and out of the outdoor area due to the unbearable heat indoors. But, because Moka had a separate DJ set up outdoors everyone was still able to enjoy the music while cooling down.

When you have a US Army man on stage bussing a hard wine on a Trini girl and have her in de air, you know the excitement is there. This all went down during the performance of JW & Blaze where everyone just had to stop and watch the madness.

The bartenders were kept busy pouring drinks for us rum lovers all night long. Meanwhile two chefs were working the grill outside serving up yellow rice with barbecue ribs & chicken, yummy!!

The staff were extremely helpful in getting me to the performers for photos with their loving supporters and fans. So, thank you to the bouncers for your help around the girls who were going crazy and couldn't wait to meet Rupee and JW & Blaze!

Tickets for this event ran about $20 a person and for the turnout they had I would have to say it was a great deal.

My shout outs go to DJ Rudeboy, Rupee, JW and Blaze for putting on a great show for us soca lovers.

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>> View I Love Soca With Rupee, JW & Blaze New York Edition Gallery