5 Minutes With Kees Dieffenthaller of KES the BandThe TJJ crew caught up with Kees from Kes the Band in Santa Monica California right after his very successful first show of the band's West Coast Tour (check out our KES Live Tour Coverage - May 10 | May 15). So, 5 Minutes With Kees starts... NOW!

Panidad: What did you want to be when you were in school?
Kees: Well... I was going to be a Vet actually (with a shy look he says) Yes, I was a nerd in school!

Panidad: What was your favorite subject?
Kees: I was very good in math, and I liked chemistry a lot too. Music is something I loved so I just said life is too short to live for others, to just please society so I just decided to take a chance... I mean, things are working out pretty well, still a lot of work. But I would rather have bad times with this than bad times with something I don't love to do.

Panidad: And what did you do to get here? Did you take voice classes?
Kees: We always used to sing, especially with my brothers. My brothers are in the band. One plays drums, Hans; one plays guitar, Jon and we move from strength to strength. During school I would sing in different groups. We grew and we are still growing!!

Panidad: So, where is the weirdest place you have gotten inspired to write a song?
Kees: The cliché is the toilet, eh? (he laughs) But hmm, they come always, I think I was turning into my driveway and a song came to me. (he laughs shyly) I mean, something as simple as dat! I have a Soca song called "The Way" (singing) "Girl you got it going on, I love the way you wine for me..." it just comes to you. When you get it, you have to take it or else you've missed the train!!

Panidad: Single, Taken? In the middle of something?
Kees: Aye aye aye! You know on Facebook they have a thing when you say "It's complicated" (nervously smiling) No, right now I'm single.

Panidad: What is your favorite sport to play?
Kees: I love football, but I don't really get a chance to play because there was a time I got injured and I had to perform the next day. So I was hopping in one foot singing on stage (he laughs). So I have to be careful! I'm a 'peong' too, as we say. Play a lil' Xbox and play a lil' Xbox 360 ... just lounge out all day and play.

Panidad: A movie you can watch a thousand times over and over?
Kees: I love "City of God," a Brazilian movie actually. Why I love that movie is because the culture of Brazil reminds me a lot like Trinidad, and it's cool to see film at that level coming out of Brazil, similar passionate culture as ours and the film industry I want it in Trinidad to reach that level too, so...

Panidad: We got only 20 seconds left...
Kees: Oye!

Panidad: Tell me about your new acting career!
Kees: I'm acting right now! (very shyly) I'm in a soap opera in Trinidad called "The Reef" (check out our coverage of The Reef Red Carpet Launch - May 1). So, yeah I'm into acting ... it's fun!

Panidad: Fin!

- Panidad