POS, Trinidad (Sonique Solutions)
– Local filmmakers, Mikkell Khan and Christopher Anthony Din Chong, are poised to bring international recognition to Trinidad and Tobago through their first feature length film project, “3 Line”.

‘3 Line’ is the first feature length film to be produced, shot and marketed in Trinidad and Tobago, by local graduates of U.W.I’s Film Programme. Only in their twenties, Din Chong and Khan have brought to life an interesting, fictional tale of horror; with the use of local talent and names such as Che Rodriguez, Conrad Parris, Tiva Samaru, Jeanine Lee Kim, Samara Lallo, Kirk Budhooram, Romano “Proverb” Ragoonathsingh, Jesus Thomas and Nicholas Attin.

As students, the filmmakers completed several commercial projects in conjunction with their study program to gain extra income, experience and to build a customer base. This foresight has been beneficial as some of these satisfied customers have come forward to offer monetary/ product assistance toward marketing the film.

‘3 Line’ is a fictional movie set in a quaint rural fishing village. Six friends are preyed upon by a family of sadists as they shoot an investigative documentary in a supposed paradise. The location of the setting is being withheld (from the public) at the request of the local residents. The protagonist Marcus, played by Christopher Anthony Din Chong, convinces his project team to investigate myths and folklore in the remote area and to film a documentary exposing the truth behind certain strange occurrences. His step-sister Candice, played by Samara Lallo and his best friend Benjy, portrayed by Kearn Samuel accompany the group. The story twist is unlike any other; the use of Western traditions as well as Caribbean history and folklore will leave the viewer terrified.

Several local artistes/ celebrities have pledged their support to “3 Line”. Actors and other recognized personalities, have contributed their acting skills and support in the promotion of the film. These include Jeanine Lee Kim, radio, television personality and model, Tiva Samaru, a former Miss Teen Trinidad and Tobago, Miss Carnival Trinidad and Tobago and Miss Tourism Trinidad and Tobago and an experienced actor who has performed in plays off Broadway prior to her involvement in “3 Line”.

The filmmakers have invested in the production of the film through their production companies Diamond Films and Forward Ever Films located at 43, Tragarete Road Woodbrook (upstairs Premier Road Maintenance Company Ltd). Persons interested in aligning themselves with current and future projects can contact the producers through their administrative office at 221- 0840. For updates on the progress of the film and submission of entries for the “3 Line” Poster Competition, join the Facebook group ‘3 Line The Movie’ or visit www.mosaictt.com.

Also noteworthy, is the fact that the always ambitious Producers of “3 Line” have also recently launched their own marketing and branding company, Create Strategies Limited and have provided services for both corporate and educational facilities. The dynamic duo of Din Chong and Khan would like to specially thank Premier Road Maintenance Co. Ltd., Elegance Ltd, Amanda Jones, Keeva Seegobin and Mr. Kevin Maturine for all of their assistance.