Tuesday 2nd November, 2010 — Parang, sweet bread, sorrel, ham...you could have a Christmas without all those things you know, but will it be the same? Never!!!

You could also have Christmas without the yearly Mastamind Soca Parang album, but why take the sweetest most traditional part of the season out of it, and deny yourself the yummy harmonic goodness and the pure wholesome musical joy that winds its way out of the speakers and into the merriest part of your being during this special season? We know, our souls need to share the music, and we know, your souls love the way our Parang makes it dance!

A Mastamind Christmas 5 delivers tunes that are bound to create beautiful Christmas memories that will forever be a part of your seasonal traditions to come. This new album has that particular Caribbean charm and those unforgettable melodies that make you feel as if you are home no matter where in the world you might be. That is the unmistakable skill of the entire Mastamind family. The music might be new but the memories and feelings evoked are deceptively old and comfortingly familiar, just like that first smell of fresh bread and ham baking for the season.

This year the album features Leon Coldero, Third Bass, Young Voice, Kevon Carter, Peter DeRoyce, Simple Dread, Ebony, Da Spirits, St. Vincent's Vivaa, D’Chancellor, Nalo Lewis and Merc. A true family affair, we bring you voices you know and love and introduce you to new ones that will make you wonder how you have ever enjoyed a Christmas lime without them in your musical line up.

We invite you to let us be the one part of the Christmas lime that we can definitely take care of, the music! And you know the Ma$tamind family, just like granny fruit cake, you don’t ever have to wonder if it is good, or if it will hit the right spot, all you have to do is let yourself go and freely allow the happiness induced to flow.

To purchase this album check your local record store or digitally on trinidadtunes.com, Itunes, amazon, and a host of other stores.

To purchase:
Itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/a-mastamind-christmas-5/id399163051 
Trinidadtunes.com: www.trinidadtunes.com/index.php?action=album&id=1190&A%20Mastamind%20Christmas%205