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Busspepper crowd = always sexy! I don't know how they do it but you will always find some sexy people in a busspepper dance... tonight a few exceptions crept in but they just made the sexy people like themselves even more ... haha... but don't get us wrong, sexy they are... but stush they ain't!!! The party tonight was far from full but the venue was huge which clearly added to the empty feeling at times, at least those who paid their money had plenty space to jam:)

Literally right across the road from the tube stop, you couldn't get much better than that if you were travelling! For drivers however, it wasn't so easy, but a quick search of the back streets meant you could get parking approx. 5 mins away. The venue itself (huge hint in the name..lol) is an old Theatre which is now versatile and adaptable for use as anything, from small intimate gigs to international awards and thumping club nights, holding thousands of people! But...who came up with the idea of an outside cloakroom... not good in the winter for the girls in their sexy outfits!!! The theatre design meant tall ceilings which did create an 'empty' feeling, especially as the venue was uhm... empty!!! However, the design also meant it was perfect for a performance with raised levels to check out the show from wherever you chose to Lime. It wasn't the sexiest venue but it served it's purpose!

Well boy... the crowd didn't seem too excited for some time but by the time DESTRA came on stage at minutes to 2am; the girls and guys were jamming! Those who weren't jamming definitely had some laughs with a Bajan/Trini dance off led by Ms Garcia herself (did the Bajan boy drop her or did she fall???) We will leave that open but all we can tell you is one slim Bajan boy plus Destra Garcia proving that Trinis are the best equalled a confused Ms. Garcia on the ground!!! Entertainment!!! Personally we coulda take in a lil' more 'SAUCY WOW', who didn't quite stay on stage long enough for our liking, but when she was on the stage all eyes were on that bottom! Eh eh eh eh eh.. saucy baby certainly brought out some jamettes tonight!! It was definitely a full show with a whole range of tracks from various years right up to 2010. Saucy doing the bicycle and tricycle wine was our personal highlight!!! A few technical difficulties between stage show and diverting back to DJ killed the vibe for a few minutes but those that stuck it out were still going after 4am.


Food on sale from the wonderful De Four caterers as always which unfortunately we didn't get to sample!!! Note to self : take a break from the dancefloor for some food! We heard it went down real good and was going all night...The bar was cash only, so don't come with a credit card to get drunk!! They also had some cheap options... 2 bottles of Beer for £5!! bargain..:)


Busspepper is pretty much renowned for great service and tonight was no exception! Everything (minus a few technical hiccups which we believe were down to the venue) ran smoothly and we have no compalints there! However the security.... hmm put a capital P in personal search yes... Be prepared to feel violated when you enter the venue!!!!

£30 in advance and more at the door... would we say it was worth £30, probably not as we didn't get the wow factor but maybe our expectations were too high with all the hype!! However was it way over priced? No... but £25 would have made us feel much better and maybe even have pulled in a few extra punters!!!

-Posh Juice

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