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Christmas is in the air! We could tell that the season is getting closer as the parang related festivities begin to take precedence. On Friday 12th November we entered the doors of Ma Pau, crossed over the bridge covering the inside fish pond and stepped into the land of slot machines and poker tables. We reach!!

Tonight’s feature at the club was Marcia Miranda Live and TJJ was present to part take in the action. Now prior to Marcia’s performance, the sexy delegates from the Ms. Elegance Pageant passed through the club and made a guest appearance, enlightening the patrons about themselves.
Next up … Marcia Miranda! Her performance took place at a little after 11 PM as she warmed the place up with the hit “Bring Out De Ham.” We could tell that everyone knew this song, as many a patron began to sing along. “Give Meh Love” was her next rendition, as she had folks loving every note.

Then slowing it down a bit, she recited songs like “Dancing Queen” and “Oh, What A Night”, before taking it back to the local selections such as “Cocoa”, “Roast Fowl” and then closing it off with several of the Mighty Sparrow’s hits. Of course the ever popular “Jean And Dinah” being in one of the many songs performed.

After Marcia’s enjoyable performance, we said our good byes, packed up and headed out. Until the next promotion … its bye for now!

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>> View Ma Pau Presents ... Marcia Miranda Live! Gallery