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Well yes, who would've thought Jokey Juice would have been at a pageant. Well I was, and might I tell you it was an experience. Young ladies from around our sweet Trinidad & Tobago came together on the 21st November, 2010 to compete for the crown and title of Miss Elegance 2010. Now what makes a "Miss Elegance." From what I saw, let me break it down.

"E" is for Enthusiam, "L" is for Love, "E" for Energy, "G" for Grace, "A" for Ambition, "N" for Natural, "C" for Charisma and the final "E" for....look I just made that up so I can't right now come up for a description for the final "E" but i'm sure the person who came up with the concept was going along those lines.

Cascadia Hotel's Ballroom was the final meeting place for these delegates to show their talents. Reason I said final is because before this day, the delegates had to go through some other competitions such as a talent competition and so on. So I guess some already came in as favorites. The ballroom was well decorated, with the chandelier falling from the ceiling like a giant snow crystal frozen in time, and the balloons all matching the color scheme of the event, which i guess was purple and gold *shrugs*.

Family and supporters all came out for their respective delegates, but at the end of the day all were beautiful so they all got the respect they deserved. In their variety of clothing, for anyone it was hard to take their eyes off them, especially for the swimsuit segment. First there was 13, then there was 10, then there was 5, and at the end there was only one. Throughout the show there were so much excitement, performances, and entertainment. Wait, did i mention the winner and three other lucky souls won a costume courtesy Dream Team? "Dats wa we sayin!""

Congrats to all delegates who participated, because you are all winners. Respect to Lyndon Ross and everyone of the Ross Productions crew that came together to put on a fantastic show. To all members of staff of the Cascadia hotel for their hospitality and to the crowd who were in attendance for making the show a bit more entertaining and interesting than it already was. Hope to be around to see who gets crowned next year.

Salt N Pepper

-Jokey Juice

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