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Celebration 3 D Rave edition, TJJ missed the last two but only hearing how good it was so this time we needed the experience. Its 4.30 in the morning ... crews and coolers lined up to go on the Treasure Queen. Shades in one hand and your cooler in the next and it was the beginning of a fun filled breakfast cruise.

By 5:00 AM last call to board and the boat made its way easy off the port. All protocols observed and the party has officailly begun! Johnny, Hennessy, Patron, Vodka and Rum began pouring out in each person's party cup and those extra shots that were served to start the celebration gave the hype, not forgetting my drink Appleton rum in my back pocket coming out frequently.

DJs Chinee, Jerome, Trevlyn, Keinon, Shot Master J and Devon all did their thing on the wheels of steel, making sure the vibe was never pop down. Music, alcohol and fun not forgetting the big song to mash up for the morning by Benjai ... "Put she out,wine on the side" ... lawdd that was craziness.

By 8am we were back at the port ... Music still pumping and the ends of the drinks still pouring and as out comes the breakfast ... who say bread and gizzard???!!!

Until next Celebration ...

D Young Juice out!!!

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>> View Celebration 3 ... Rave Edition Gallery