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It matters not that this event is on a ranch in the middle of nowhere, the ladies step out dressup and ready to get down.  Sexy is the dress code.  It matters not that everyone has work the next day, this is an event that regularly draws over 1000+ attendees to either edition.


Not the best parking situation, especially if you arrive late.  But the promoters do a good job of transforming the ranch into a hip party venue.  Late November so there was a slight breeze but no rain in sight.

There was a late start to the music due to technical difficulties, but after the power situation was worked out, the DJs wasted no time getting down to business.  With a good mix of music everyone was bound to hear their fave song of the moment.

Bartenders, food vendors and door staff were pleasent to deal with, thanks for taking care of the TJJ team.

$45 for a Free drinks which is what this was is the typical fair market price for such an event.

Even though the event is billed as All Inclusive, the food was on sale.  But there was was enough vendors and variety to satisfy everybodys hunger needs.  From jerk chicken to lobster.  A loooong bar was setup to make it easy for getting your free drinks in your Chill cup.

-Pary McFly

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