“Knife...check! Spoon...check! FORK...”

This new, comical Parang release by Ricardo Drue featuring Imij & Company will surely kick off your holiday season with merriment. Produced by Mastamind Productions and written by Drue himself, the metaphoric tune features Drue in the common Christmas kitchen setting, exchanging words with an eye-appealing dinner guest in need of a “fork.” The song, which can be heard on YouTube and internet-wide beginning mid-November, is laced with witty dialogue, raw acoustic rhythms, and rich, melodic vocals. The song renders the sounds of traditional Parang instruments to create an ear-pleasing, catchy composition. His first Soca Parang release since his mainstream debut, Drue’s “Fork” cooks things up and adds a bit of ‘spice’ to the season!

Click here to listen to “Fork”