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Surprisingly for a Machel Montano concert, this event didn't pull as large a crowd as expected, especially considering that he hasn't had a major performance in the tri-state area in some time. Pairing Machel and Serani pulled a diverse blend of patrons from almost every Caribbean island imaginable. Many of the partygoers walked with their flags to represent and there was no major predominance of any one country present. Caribbean unity was definitely in full effect on that night.

Club Amazura itself is just right for live performances, the concert stage was set up with large screens visible from both sides and the sound system carried the music throughout the entire venue. Overall the physical layout of the club and the ambiance were suitable for this type of event. The major drawback was that parking was a hassle to find, and it was freezing no tail.

From the get go Lyrikal had the crowd dip, bend, back, low and ramajaying...His lively performance was the perfect warm up for the unofficially proclaimed Prince of Soca to take the stage...When it comes to entertaining a crowd, Machel proves time and time again why he is D BOSS...He has definitely come a long way from being too young to soca...With Machel Montano in your lineup of artistes, your event is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. His performance of course was the highlight of the night for all present. Putting Serani on stage after Machel Montano was not the best move though. Its hard for any artiste to grace the stage with Machel, worse yet after him. Serani of himself is quite an entertainer but the brilliance of his performance was lost in its overall placement in the concert lineup.

From the minute the TJJ crew walked in to witness one of the club's security personnel jostling with a patron at the entrance, the tone was set for this event. Maybe past incidents have had an influence on the level of aggression used in dealing with patrons, but the security acted more offensive than defensive. As far as we saw there weren't any incidents that called for the attitude that the security belted out, shouting and barking orders at the crowd from the jump. This left a general feeling of uneasiness in the air and the crowd wasn't too pleased being made to feel like we were potential criminals. On the other hand, the bar staff were cordial and professional, a saving grace for the overall staffing at this venue.

-Anika T.

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>> View Winter Fire Pt.1 ft Machel Montano & Serani Gallery