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An abundance of beautiful and trendy people came out to attend Starstruck at the So Cool eVenue.    

What a fabulous venue, the venue was elegantly decorated which created a magnificent ambiance. 

Well the DJ line-up explains it all, the Vibes was something out of this world with Black Chiney, Coppershot Disco,  Eccentric Sound, ZJ Liquid, Cutty and Marc Chin.

Well this was a BRB session, bring your own bottle.   People was walking in with their bottle  of choice like  Appleton VX, Grey Goose and Johnny to name a few.  Chaser, cups and ice was all inclusive.  

The service was excellent, there were bars on the inside and outside of the venue.  So there was really no waiting around for service.

It was $35 pre sold, including the music, fabulous ambiance and the chasers definitely a bang for your buck.

Big up Lychee Entertainment & Absolute Adventure's for a great event, the only thing missing was the ice bar experience.  One love, we gearing up for Sapphire *NEW YEARS EVE*

- PSI (Party Scene Investigations)

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