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The place was packed with sexy girls who seemed to be whining uncontrollably. If you were just trying to walk to the side walls, you'd probably have gotten a couple flex just walking by. In one word, the crowd was pumped.

The Oval is always easy to locate and there is a lot of parking around it, but the section that was blocked off for the party was a little small. The photo area made for a nice change, and the "Wet Zone" had everyone awake and going.

Dj Chuck, Dr. Dominic & Dj Marcus Williams know how to keep a crowd going. The music was great, and the crowd was crazy. The wet zone added to the wildness where almost everyone was soaking wet.

Bring Your Own Booze (cooler party) but they had a chit system which seemed effective enough. The bar didn't seem well stocked, but it got the job done. And well, they promised free gyros, doubles and shots, but I only saw the shots, so I have no idea if there was free food.

Everyone left that party saying it was possibly the best party for the year, so I'm guessing it was worth every cent.

Christoph S. for the TJJ fam

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>> View 'Tis D Season ... 2 Be Drunk! Gallery