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Talk about a real family affair. "Soca Parang" was the event that closed the gap between generations X and Y. Families and large groups of close friends came out full force in support of this event. I can't remember the last time I was at an event like this, it reminded me so much of being back home where mother, chile, and even grandchile could come out as a one unit and party hard without any hangups.

This party was absolutely, positively worth riding the Belt Parkway to Queens for. In this guava season, at only $10 (Yes $10!!!) it was certainly worth every penny and then some. You have to come real good to get more value than this. I never partied in Queens before, but would most certainly go the distance for another 2B promotions event.

The atmosphere was a "long time no see" kind of vibes, and everybody seemed to know at least one other person from within the sub groups at this party. This gave a general feeling of safety that you can only really find in an intimate event that caters to patrons who are closely related to the promoters on some level. This is a big plus because one of the most important factors in going to events is feeling that you can enjoy yourself without having to look over your shoulder. Two thumbs up to 2B promotions on this note. Overall Soca Parang was like one big happy lime, and a sweet one at that. The only disappointment for me was that there was no live parang band and I was really itching for the little Spanish throwback from my Venezuelan great grandmother to be unleashed.  Other than that it was a great event.

Special thanks to the 2B family for their warm welcome to the TJJ crew and for having me cover Soca Parang, even I felt like I was a regular patron of their events, everyone was so warm and friendly. Great job guys!

Anika T.

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