New York, NY (MS. RAINE INC.): With a history of producing some of Brooklyn's most daringly artistic runway shows, EyezonFashion Model Management want the borough's fashion-centered population to experience Déjá Vu, their highly anticipated 2008 Fall Style event.  By capturing the biggest and best elements from their past shows, EyezonFashion is adding yet another twist to their usually unusual fashion staging.
Featuring everything from colorful urban street fashion to luxurious couture creations from brands like Rocawear, Jaesyn Jean Couture, SoSo Envy, Mizchif, Xieryn, Me Me and Denisha Latoya, EyezonFashion's Déjá Vu promises to hit hundreds of loyal patrons with the most memorable 'blasts from the past'---whether it be a magician fromthe Eyes on Fashion show in July of 2006, or an outrageously wild hair style from The Cat Walker, October 2006, or even a fiercely sassy piece from HeatWave, July 2007---while still wowing newcomers with the type of imagination and styling that has earned EyezonFashion the reputation for bringing 'New York Fashion Week' to Brooklyn.

"We were really inspired by the film Déjá Vu, the ability to go back into the past and relive what has already happened, yet changing one or two elements to make the outcome better than it was initially," states EyezonFashion coordinator Caprice Connor. "That is exactly what the Déjá Vu show is, something that is coming back better that before."
Déjá Vu will be held on Sunday, October 12th at  Brooklyn's swanky Tropical Sunset (1055 East 45th Street at Glenwood Avenue in Brooklyn). Doors open at 6pm; show starts at 8pm. Tickets are $25 in advance. For ticket outlets and more information, contact EyezonFashion at 347-693-2064 or email
For media inquiries, contact Ms. Raine Inc. at 347-492-3977 or

Born under the mission of setting a new standard in the fashion industry and giving both new and upcoming designers an equal opportunity to showcase their talents, EyezonFashion, LLC is uniquely structured to cater to the needs of 'real' men and women, by having a range of in house designers and models from petite to curvaceous shapes, and from European to African to Caribbean inspired tastes.
In addition to producing some of Brooklyn's signature fashion runway events, EyezonFashion is gearing up to publish an urban world magazine focusing on underground designers and undiscovered fashion and modeling talent.
EyezonFashion Team:
Oneil Mention -Business Director/Promoter
Hailing from the Caribbean, Oneil Mention is a natural-born entrepreneur with a history of building and marketing successful business and financial ventures. In addition to serving as Business Director, Oneil currently owns a string of hair salons in Brooklyn.
Caprice Connor - Coordinator/Choreographer
Caribbean-born and NYC raised, Caprice Connor holds a Master's degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. He has worked with designers Harvey Bernard and Dianne Mack, his experience ranges from styling, event coordination, and modeling choreography. Caprice has coordinated, and choreographed all Eyezon Fashion events, and is responsible for hand-picking and training EyezonFashion models.
Marc Phoenix -Graphic Designer/Photographer/New Business Development
With over 20 years of experience in the advertising industry, Marc Phoenix's use of dynamic colors and props has made him an award-winning graphic designer and photographer with many prestigious advertising firms. Jamaican born and raised, Marc is the artistic visionary behind the EyezonFashion brand.