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The perfect way to end the decade was at 10 to the HOUR! This party had it all, the PEOPLE, the MUSIC, the ALCOHOL, and loads of VIBEZ!!!

THE PEOPLE – You saw all your ole friends, new friends, foreign friends, friends who actually decide to come out of hibernation... Everybody was dancing, hugging, drinking and having ah time. Before I knew it Oval Ballroom was packed... but yet it still had space to breathe. TWO thumbs up for the venue.

THE MUSIC – The music was nothing but the BEST, but what else to except from one of the best DJ’s from Trinidad, DJ Private Ryan. The mix was AMAZING... ole school dub to new soca... to hip hop whatever you was looking for you got it... SHOT MASTER J and DJ KEVIN also had the crowd in a frenzy.

THE ALCOHOL – Welllll... I know NOBODY left this party tusty... lol ... Drinks were flowing like RAIN! They made sure and have a bar in every corner. Girls was passing out shots through the crowd, and let’s not talk about the bottles upon bottles of PUNCHY PUNCH, NV (Absinthe)... I think I got caught indulging in that PUNCHY PUNCH a couple times!!! Every 10 to the hour they had giveaways of PREMIUM DRINKS... I heard Liquid Cocaine over the mic and went in the other direction... LOL. There was a table with a Johnnie Walker Black Label swing just chilling by the DJ. Seriously, whatever you wanted they got you covered. DRINKS, DRINKS, DRINKS and MORE DRINKS.

THE VIBEZ – All I can say is VIBEZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! Level VIBEZZZZ!! If you MISSED this party yuh MISSED OUT!!

Also, I have to mention the “Sober Zone” where you got pizza courtesy Pizza Hut. Yummm that pizza hit the SPOT!! A little too early though... I would have had it closer to the end because the amount of alcohol that was flowing I’m sure people sober up and got back drunk again LOL *cough*cough*

Overall 10 to the hour was a PERFECT 10!!!

- Pink Juice

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