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Me and Drunk Juice by the bar and Drunk Juice bummy. It’s 11 where everybody? Next thing you know it’s 12 and the party is ram. This is why Cooler Parang is the place to be each and every year. Vibes right through each and every year and TJJ was there as expected. I didn’t really see the Jouvert Band promised, not sure if it was my fault nor did I really appreciate the Sound System but I appreciated the event which is one of the best I have attended for the year.

Girls..Check..Cooler.. Check….Top Class DJ’s…Check. Party started as soon as every one reached with a wide variety of music being played. From Kanye West to Sizzla the event was astounding.The best part about having so may nice people in that party was that I was offered drinks and with the fantastic lighting system they had every one could see my hand clearly with and empty cup !!! …This empty hand helped my empty belly for drinks and food ...where wings was being served.

I can’t wait for Cooler Parang  2011.

Jonathan Mark

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>> View Cooler Parang Vol. 4 Gallery