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As always, Natalie's events are known for bringing out the creme de la creme in terms of a fashionably stylish crowd. Partygoers were decked off from head to toe in the latest and most trendy outfits. You could tell these outfits were planned well in advance and given a lot of thought. I would know, mine has been in my closet for weeks now.

Kai Studio, a modern and chic venue was the perfect choice for a stylish and classy event such as Dear Santa. With comfortable seating areas on both floors, partygoers had the option of sitting back and taking in the view or joining in the jam down session on the spacious dancefloor. The red lighting, matching table linens and decorations helped to create a festive mood and set the tone for the right party vibe. Located in an area with few residential buildings, parking was relatively easy to find.

As expected given that it was Christmas night, the crowd started arriving well after midnight. Freaks for Soca warmed up the crowd with a great mix of R&B, reggae and soca. This was the time for socializing and exchanging yuletide greetings while chipping to the music and of course sampling the Christmas menu. Sounds 4 Life raised the tempo and got the crowd moving. Helping Sounds 4 Life to further pump up the crowd was the original drummer boy himself, Kerry The Drummer. He and Sounds 4 Life put down a sweet soca session. Later Kerry joined the original Party Rocker himself Back to Basics and showed the crowd just how versatile an entertainer he is, this time performing mainly to alternative music.

From the bouncers, to the bartenders, to the waitresses, the staff for this event were friendly and highly professional. The Christmas menu was provided by Taste of Tants. Well known for her sweet cooking hand, the food was absolutely delicious. Patrons had a wide selection to choose from and there was more than enough food for all to enjoy. The both bars were well stocked and drinks were reasonably priced. Service in both the food and bar areas was speedy and efficient, there was no long wait to be served, so the crowd could spend their time doing what matters most, partying!

I am most certain that partygoers got their wish for a great party filled that night. Job well done Santa and Natalie on delivering the perfect gift to end Christmas day.


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