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The Hills was amazing, the ladies looked WOW! There was clearly over 1,500+ people there. From walking into the party I felt as if I was in a different world, a new experience.

This was really a great party, the layout of the venue, the entrance, the ambiance, the location.... everything was "ON POINT". It was really a night under the stars filled with musics and free premium drinks.

There was only about three DJ's for the entire night, but those three DJ's really created the vibe and had it going through out the night. No live performances, but that was not needed.


Drinks were flowing through out the night, and partygoers were drunk all over. So taking pictures became a lil' challenging as "standing up straight" was a problem for most folks! There was WIDE variety of drinks available, but I was forced to only drink coconut water and orange juice because I was driving! :-(

The level of service provided was GREAT, the bars had no lines, the entrance into the party had no lines, fast and easy exit ... everything was great.

Big up to WOW events, the party was great and we're looking forward to your next event!

ps. We already hearing talk bout "Girls Nite Out" on Carnival Thursday!

-Captain Mitch

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>> View The Hills 2010 Gallery