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It's the place where folks from local and abroad come to reunite once a year, so the crowd consisted of both the regulars as well as the people back home for the holidays. Always a nice mix ... The dress code tonight was "Strictly Cocktail Attire" and boy did we see some classy and stunning outfits! Ladies ... you all never cease to amaze!

Finding the Hilton is definitely an easy task, although the walk to and from the carpark is not as much fun. Who say Valet!! Once inside this well known and reputable hotel, factors such as cleanliness, ambiance and temperature were the last things you had to be worried about. All on point, although it was a bit nippy in the early part of the night ... lol. The special touches and decor put up by the promoter also helped to create that Christmas atmosphere and fill the air with the feelings of warmth and love. 

The DJs were doing their thing and lots of alcohol was flowing but most of the crowd seemed like they needed more than that to free up. Activity was taking place in little pockets here and there, but it wasn't until way hours into the party did patrons start coming unto the dancefloor and things got shaking.


This area is definitely one of the highlights of the party. They said "PREMIUM DRINKS INCLUSIVE" and so the list went something like this ... Johnnie Walker Black, Black & White, Absolut Vodka, Angostura Single Barrel Rum, Black Label, White Oak, Carib, Hard Wine, Stone's Ginger Wine and Red Bull (but we had to pay before we got the wings). Then for the Wine & Cocktail lovers there was also a bar available serving Red, White & Sparkling Wines and Absolut Cocktails (Margaritas, Mojitos, Martinis). Not forgetting the shotters ... Jose Cuervo Gold, Jaagermeister, Goldschlaager and Cafe Patron were all available. For the other kind of Shottas there was a PREMIUM BOTTLE BAR offering Hennessy, Henessy Black, Moet Nectar Imperial and Nuvo all for Sale. After all those drinks, free doubles were also being served up hot and fresh. If you needed a little help sobering up, this assisted! :-)

Advance tickets ranged from $300.00 to $350.00TT

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>> View Christmas Passion ★ Passion Hotel Gallery