Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival is certainly the mother of all carnivals seen felt and experienced around the world. For this reason, the first event in T&T’s carnival celebration is certainly carded to be a monstrous one. In 2011, many things have been altered and tapered to ensure the long season is truly a mesmerizing and all-round enjoyable one. For starters, the stage is back. Beyond that, the first big fete, Fire Fete, is promising to take revelers on a journey of unimaginable proportions.

Fire Fete has been a part of the Greatest Show on Earth for as long as many revelers can remember. These days, it remains a hallmark in carnival, as one of the few big fetes that remain in existence, with Brass Festival and Tico Skinner and others having been dissolved.

Fire Fete which takes place on January 22nd this year, is promising to offer a true reflection of what carnival has been and should continue to be. Main sponsor, Digicel and other hands on board like Carib, Monster Energy Drink, Blue Waters and Pepsi, in understanding the importance of staging this immense show at the start of the season, immediately jumped on board and has promised to work with Tropix Entertainment in giving patrons their money’s real worth.

Apart from the entertainment, Fire Fete will offer a venue along Wrightson Road in Port-of-Spain that’s perfect for the expected crowd, complete with an awesome stage location and bathroom facilities for males and females.

Benjai- the man of the moment, along with Denise Saucy Wow Belfon, Fay Ann Lyons, Bunji Garlin and Asylum, Super Jigga TC, Shal Marshal, Swappi, The Millionaire Family and from Barbados, the highly anticipated, Lil Rick- will all be in attendance among others.

Fire Fete is indeed the fete to start the season the right way. Complete with Heat, Flames and Soca energy, the mood of the event is guaranteed to set the pace for other festive events that will follow.

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