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YBC presents C3....

Although rain was falling the crowd still remained, they just took shelter under the tents. The ratio of girls to guys was 2:1, and the ladies looked HOT!!! I could tell that this was no normal event for the ladies, they actually took there time and ensured that when they came C3, they "STEPPED OUT".

This is the 3rd year of the party and it is the same location all the time, so everybody knew exactly where the venue. The good thing about it was that every year the set up of the venue is different ... Thank you YBC.

The vibes in the beginning was put on hold because of the rain, but one must count this as a blessing in disguise. The rain actually brought people together and forced them to grow closer. However when the rain stopped and ReadyMix DMT and Players International came on, the vibes kicked off to a new level, even when it started to rain again some people opted to remain in the rain, YES THEY REMAINED, and enjoyed themselves.

The bar service was good, no complaints, there was also some food selling in the back as well, however Mitchee was poor after I bought a few drinks.

The service provided by the staff and promoters was good, no complaints.

BIG UP to YBC C3 was nice, no one could help the rain, in my eyes the party was GOOD. Thanks for having us at Trini Jungle Juice there, we hope to be there for all of your events.

-Captain Mitch

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