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If is one thing I could say, was that there was A LOT of girls..... A LOT... and they looked amazing, this was to Mitchee liking. I almost forgot that I had to take pictures.

The venue set up was nice, however the location of the venue was a little tiring. After walking up the hill I realised  that I was  little bit unfit. Despite all of that the ambiance was nice.

There was a lot of energy in this party, the DJ's really put on their A game in this party. Lerbz, Rapid Response and Spartan..... GREAT JOB. The girls were dancing and the fellas were having a blast.

There were gyros and coconuts available, the bar service was nice no complaints

The promoters did an excellent job in providing for the patrons, I was pleased with the level of service provided.

Distruction Sounds pulled it off... the patrons were pleased, I was pleased...... the party was great.

-Captain Mitch

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