Dear Dr. Ram Dass,

First of all, please note that I am a very descent church going young lady that has never done this kind of thing before. I met a man. He’s wonderful, however for his own reasons he does not want a relationship.

We’ve gone on a couple of dates so far and he’s made it to second base. Should I allow him to make a home run?

Urgent and Unsure


Dear Urgent and Unsure,

You have already decided that you would like to roll in the hay with this man. Your questions tells me however, that you have 2 doubts.
1. You are not sure if this man will 'Kiss and Tell'
2. You have questions about how attractive this man is

The second concern will override the first. If a man is good looking enough, e.g. you wouldn’t care if Brad Pitt told everyone about your one night of passion. So, it really comes down to, “how ashamed are you of this mans looks?” Since your consideration has enough interest to see you going thru it in your mind... I would try a cozy bar and two shots of Forres Park and then see where your inhibitions lie.