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BOOM....... just imagine Far East Movement and Orange Sky in the same building......

As always the girls in zen are amazing, but I think the BESTIES came out just for the welcome party. The ladies certainly came out in high fashion for the Welcome Party.

Zen in my opinion is the number one club in Trinidad and Tobago, to go there is like a new experience.

There a lot of vibes from the usual dj cast, however when Orange Sky took the stage to perform, the excitement starting build more. They performed a number of there songs from there album to the cheering crowd, I even found myself singing along to some of the songs. I was also able to get a shot of The Far East Movement, and  I must say it was one of the best nights I had in a while

As usual the bar service was excellent, no complaints.

As always Zen provides a great service, no complaints.

-Captain Mitch

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>> View Welcome Party For Maroon 5 Gallery