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After eating all the ham & pastel one could possibly eat over the Christmas weekend it was time to some serious “alcohol antacid” for my upset stomach.  And there was no better place to enjoy my own alcohol than ISLANDpeople's Kooler Cooler party poolside down at the West Palm Hotel, Chaguaramas, Trinidad!

With the youth arm of the Island People franchise at the promotional helm it was time to bring back the good ole days of secondary school May Fair!  There was free popcorn and snow cone for the young at heart, a play station system for the gamers in the attendance, and even a bouncy castle that was designated to be used by drunks only!

With the last quarter moon reflecting off the water in the pool, decorative blocks of ice for pouring shots of alcohol, and a cool refreshing vibe a good time was had by all.  It was indeed great for the Island People family to invite TJJ to their Kooler Cooler party and now it’s time to move from Christmas to Wining Season!!!

Keiron was there... where were you?

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>> View Island People Kooler Cooler Gallery