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Walking into Bayfront Park sets the stage for an unprecedented event that will be remembered for years to come! Buju and Friends, Before the Dawn Concert in Miami Florida, will be the first concert Banton puts on since his bail hearing over a year ago. As the crowd comes in hundreds at a time, they find a place to hold for the next 7 hours of amazing performances by the Best of the Best!!

The place was rammed! Crowd had to have been in the thousands plus! Everyone young and old, white or black, Carribean or European all came out to see and support Buju Banton! The crowd showed great love and admiration!

Bayfront Park Amphitheatre was easily accessible, parking lots all round. Venue was packed so the amount of people that came by vehicle must have had the parking lot owners seeing dollar signs.

The vibes and energy was maad! With Power 96 at the turn tables, the impressive list of special guest artists included: Damian and Stephan Marley, Shaggy, Sean Paul, Wayne Wonder, Gyptian, Serani, Freddie McGregor, Gramps Morgan, Tarrus Riley, Spragga Benz, Nadine Sutherland, DJ Khaled & Friends, Busta Rhymes, Dean Fraser, Everton Blender, Ras Michael & Nyabinghi Drummers, Sly N Robbie and of coarse the one and only Buju Banton himself! The show began at 4:00pm and roughly ended about 11:00pm. Those 7 hours of pure entertainment were definitely worth every penny! To have such an artist fan base come out and support the 'Free Buju' Movement showed the community of reggae artists support one another as a family as well as Banton having a strong fan base of supporters to attend his show.

Food ranged from South American to different types of Carribbean Cuisine. Easy and delicious eats, take and run back to ya seat before you miss the next performance!

To sum up an amazing evening: Great show, great vibes, mad support, crowd had tons of energy, delicious food, venue rammed with people pon people, tight security, great concert price, easy viewing stage from general admission to VIP and above all, great music to for a great night!


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>> View Before The Dawn Concert, Buju Banton & Friends Live! Gallery