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Walking up to the entrance of the 'Launch' at Chu's in Coral Gables, the first thing I noticed from outside was di mad tunes playin. I then walk inside to asmall group gatherings, more people gradually showed as the night went on but the venue never got rammed.

This party is a case where it was pity that even with publicity it didn't fill up. But its not always about the place being maxed of people for the party goers as much as it is the atmosphere and who's there ah limen. The room was full a vibes with good music, dancers, drinkas and everyone having a great time from the front to the back. It created the right scene a party should look with 50 or 500 people.

DJ Selecta AJ and DJ Genesis played maad tunes and got the crowd hype. Fun crowd with good people but unfortunately not as good of a turn out as hoped by the newly Launched 'Inglorious Nation'. The party-goers that did show had much support for the Launch and the place was still pumpin with energy! There was a party goin' on and it didn't stop till 5 in the mawnin!

The Launch Party was an introduction to bring in the new business venture, 'Inglorious Nation LLC', created, owned and operated by Ken Sands and Company.

Shout out to Ken Sands. Congrats on your new business venture, 'Inglorious Nation'. And to Navin Nakesh for supporting your good friend, Ken, with his event.


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>> View Launch Party Of Inglorious Nations Gallery