This donation is a continuation of Digicel Rising Stars' giving back to communities who have made the show such a tremendous success.

Monday, September 29; Kingston, Jamaica: This year, Digicel Rising Stars has touched the hearts of numerous Jamaicans and has brought hidden talent to the fore, premiering them on the big stage. Digicel Rising Stars is indeed community centric and seeks out stars from every nook and cranny of Jamaica. It is in light of this heritage that Digicel Rising Stars will donate all proceeds from the Digicel Rising Stars final concert on Friday October 3, to the Best Care Children's Home.

This donation follows Digicel Rising Stars' collaboration with the NCB foundation in donating over three million dollars to the final five Digicel Rising Star's charities.

The Best Care Children's Home, established in 1976 by Mrs. Enid Smith, has over the years, depended on the charitable support of several entities including the St. Andrew Junior Chamber. The Junior Chamber established the Best Care Foundation which is now the official administrator of the Home. The home has approximately 49 abandoned children who are physically and mentally disabled. Some of these children are over the age of 18, but due to them being totally dependent, the home keeps and cares for them indefinitely.

Placement of children at the Best Care Children's Home is usually as a result of parental abandonment or the inability of parents to cope with the severity of their children's disabilities. The disabilities facing children at the Best Care Home include cerebral palsy, mental retardation, learning disabilities, speech defects, epilepsy, severe behavioral disorder, paraplegia, limb deformities, congenial blindness and autism. In spite of these circumstances some of these children excelled in track and field events at the Special Olympics of the past.

The Best Care Children's Home has a 'primary level' school that teaches children with special needs and slower learning children the Grade 1 to 3 primary school curriculum. The primary school was licensed last year by the Ministry of Education but the facilities are in need of a proper computer lab and a resource room to replace the current one which is presently located in a bathroom.

It is in light of these urgent needs that Digicel Rising Stars has risen to the occasion and will donate all proceeds from the final Digicel Rising Stars show on Friday October 3 to rehabilitate the Best Care Children's Home. Digicel Rising Stars will renovate and equip a Resource Room for the children and will provide funds to rehabilitate the home's indoor play area which currently suffers from a leaky roof and structural weaknesses.

The proceeds from the Digicel Rising Star's final concert will also provide play equipment for the home, a luxury which previously the children could not afford. There will also be landscaping of the grounds and the provision of an outside play area for the children.

The strength of the children at the Best Care Children's Home and the dedication of their caregivers inspired Digicel Rising Stars to match their heart and dedication with the needed funds and show them that Jamaica does care and that they too can be Digicel Rising Stars.