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Chameleon Entertainment, formerly Chameleon Inc. has continued to carry out their drink special parties on "the avenue". Free shots and a spectacular performance by Denise "Saucy Wow" Belfon. Even more, a performance of belly dancer and to top it off, DJ Code 9 to finish the party!

Full house. Biggest crowd Chameleon Ent. has ever pulled in Coco Lounge. Inside was packed with beautiful girls sharing generous bumpers and outside was filled with the limers. No idea how there was such a large turnout with all the carnival action and Wasa Fete taking place on the same night. Everyone came out and showed off their sexy carnival bodies they have been working on for so long.

Coco Lounge continues to promise a nice ambiance, where you can chill on the patio or party on the dance floor. Easily accessible, good parking, great choice for parties. The place to be on a Saturday night. 

Dingolay! To start off the party, a sexy belly dance from a well endowed young woman. Following that, SAUCY!!!! Hits from the past to the present. The crowd was in a fiasco, dancing, singing,coming on stage to contest Saucy's wine and anything else you could think of. To bring the performances to an end, and encore dance with another belly dancer. After that, just dancing and chilling on the patio to the great mixing styles of Code 9 and Speedy and DeGannes.

Free tequila and Sex on the Beach shots, and anything else, Coco Lounge always has a well stocked cash bar to satisfy your needs.

Chameleon has redone their staff and has become even more friendly and fun. Come with more people, talk to the promoter at the door, get an even better price. Also, during the event, personnel from the promo group walked around and made sure everyone was having fun. Much respect guys! Keep it up!

Admission $80 before 10:30pm on GUEST LIST.After that $100.Come with a group, even better deals!

-Christoph S.

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