5 Minutes With Serani At the recent "Best of the Best 2008" concert held in Miami, TJJ caught up with red-hot Dancehall producer and artist, Serani, the craftsman behind Sean Paul's smash hit, "We Be Burning", as well Tony Matterhorn's "Dutty Wine", Busy Signal's "These Are the Days", Bugle's "Exercise", Elephant Man's "Willie Bounce", and Mavado's international hit "Dying", just to name a few J. The hits just keep coming for this man!

Roget: Serani, we know you got some hotness coming in '08, but we want to know a little bit more about the man behind the music ... for instance, if you weren't in the music industry, what do you think that you would be doing?
Serani: Nothing... I wouldn't be alive! I wouldn't be here... I was born to do music!!
Roget: So really, this is the be all and end all for you...?
Serani: This is it! Cause I'm a producer, I'm a musician, I play the piano, I'm a songwriter, I'm a band leader, I used to play for Bounty Killer, I used to play for Mavado ... yuh know, I write songs. Truly from the day I could speak, when I saw a piano on the television, I said, "Mummy, meh like it" and from that she introduced it to me, told me what it was and I never stop playing since then.

Roget: What is the one thing that you have to have with you when you're on tour?

Serani: My iPod! Really and truly, same thing ... it's just music for me.
Roget: The man is focused!

Roget: Who are you jamming to right now? What's in heaviest rotation?
Serani: R&B music! I listen to Tracy Chapman ... I listened to her as a child. My father introduced Tracy Chapman to me. I listen to Dancehall, I listen to Hip-Hop music a lot too ... Reggae music, Soul ... all kinds of music.

Roget: If you had to equate yourself to a superhero, who would it be and what do you think your superpower would be?
Serani: (grinning widely) What would my superpower be? Hmm ... I'd be "Get Girl Man"!!! (laughing)
Roget: (laughing) Get Girl Man??!!
Serani: Yeah, my power would be getting girls ... know what I mean!

This man making up super heroes... that's what we're talking about!

Roget for the TJJ Miami family out!